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Stories of Queer Canmore

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Coming out as a member of the LGBTQ2S+ community is a deeply personal and often life-altering process. There is a signficant community of those who identify as part of the Rainbow Spectrum of LGBTQ2S+ who call Canmore and the Bow Valley home, a place that for many is welcoming and supportive.

Regardless of the individual circumstances, there is no right or wrong way to come out. Of course, some people who identify as members of the LGBTQ2S+ community may choose to come out in a public way, others will not feel safe to do so, while others never will “officially” come out and simply live their lives. It’s important to remember that an individual’s decision to come out is their own personal choice. Regardless, reading these stories can be comforting and informative for many – you are not alone.

The coming out stories from members of the Canmore Pride Society illustrate just how unique these experiences can be. They serve as a reminder that no matter what a person’s coming out story is, everyone’s journey deserves to be heard. Whether you have just come out, been out for many years or wish to remain anonymous, the Stories of Queer Canmore Project coordinators would love to have you contribute your story.

The Canmore Museum is committed to providing a spaces and safe places for all members of the community to share their stories. We welcome a diversity of lived experiences which contribute to the rich interconnected web of people, places, moments and objects which make up the Canmore and Bow Valley experience. The Stories of Queer Canmore Project is an partnership between the Canmore Museum and the Canmore Pride Society.

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