Telling Your Story Visually

Download Kristy’s visual story planner.

Kristy Wolfe’s experience as a medical mom lies at the heart of her passion for storytelling photography. Based in Canmore with her husband and two sons, she has been telling stories through photography for the past 8 years.  Kristy is also a former school teacher.

Kristy’s most recent projects are about teaching others how to narrate their own experiences through photography and digital storytelling. This introductory presentation, Tell Your Story, walks viewers through the process Kristy works through when documenting a story, regardless of whether it is a story of her own family or for a client. Kristy will offer ideas for you to tell a more compelling visual story. All levels of photography are welcome.

Intertwined in this Tell Your Story presentation are two of Kristy’s digital stories. A Digital Story is a 3-5 minute movie involving a storyteller’s own voice and experience blended with images and music to tell a story of a meaningful moment in a storyteller’s life. Kristy recently trained as a Digital Storyteller Facilitator through the Calgary based organization, Common Language DST.  She works with individuals and organizations to share who they are and what they believe through digital storytelling and photography.

Connect with Kristy if digital storytelling is of interest to you personally or as a part of an organization or research project. To see additional digital stories co-created with Kristy visit her Digital Stories Project playlist.