Jim and Martha Wardrop

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Jim and Martha Wardrop came to Canada from Scotland in 1909 with a son, William (Willie), and a daughter, Martha. Mr. Wardrop first worked in Lethbridge, Fernie, Hosmer and Georgetown before moving the family to Canmore in 1915. A second daughter, Catherine (Katie), was born in Fernie in 1911. Willie died in Georgetown in 1915, and Katie died in Canmore in 1916. Both are buried in the Canmore cemetery. A second son, Hugh, was born in Canmore (in the house now owned by the Giovanetti family) in May, 1916. In March, 1917, the Wardrop family left Canmore to live in Nanaimo, B.C. for four years. They returned to Canmore December 21, 1921. The temperature on that date was 50 degrees below zero. Mr. Wardrop was employed by the Canmore mines where he was active on first aid and mine rescue teams. He was also the leader of the Canmore band, and later served as Justice of the Peace after his retirement from the mines as a fireboss. Mr. Wardrop was a member of the Oddfellows Lodge, and Mrs. Wardrop was a member of the Rebekah Lodge. Mr. Wardrop died in the Canmore Hospital in November, 1956. Mrs. Wardrop remained in their home (now owned by Jackie Slavin) until she moved to Victoria with her daughter and son-in-law, where she lived until her death in November, 1970. 

Martha married Eric Fowers in June, 1929, and they lived in Canmore until they moved to Victoria. Martha was active in the Red Cross and the ladies’ group of the Canmore United Church. She also taught piano in her home. Martha and Eric had two children, Louise (Lou) and John Jr. (Jack). 

Hughie left Canmore with George McPherson to play hockey in Armstrong, B.C. He married Cleora Wilson, and they had three children. Their daughter, Sandra, is married and now lives in Orleans, Ontario. Their son, Jim, is married and lives in Victoria, and their daughter, Brooke, who is married to Johnny Miskow, Jr., lives in Cranbrook. Hughie was a flying instructor during WWII, returning to Armstrong after the war. He was very active in the community in the town of Armstrong, and retired as manager of the Credit Union. He lived in Armstrong until his death in 1987.

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